Our Philosophy

Who we are

We are the Three Chocolatiers - Liz, Dawna and Lisa - and our intention is to bring you exciting, healthy, delicious, handcrafted chocolate, which you can enjoy with the knowledge this is chocolate with a conscience. We spend more on our cocoa beans because it’s important to support the farmers and create thriving communities. The Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which is supported by our cocoa supplier, teaches the farmers to grow beans sustainably and responsibly, which improves the farmer’s livelihood. The farmers are not only paid directly, they are paid a premium. Along with the work to improve access to education, promote child protection, empower women, and address basic health needs such as access to water and sanitation, we feel good about our chocolate.

Building on the wonderful work of the founder of Discover Chocolate, Gabriel, we have many more delicious and creative flavours waiting to be added to our range and discovered by chocolate lovers everywhere...and the best thing about our chocolate (apart from the amazing taste) is that there is no added sugar, naturally sweetened with Stevia...none of the naughty and all of the nice. You need to taste it believe how good it is.

We hope you enjoy eating our chocolate as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.