Our Philosophy

Who we are

Dreamt up at the Purdey family's farm on the edge of Exmoor in the UK, Discover is a company that unites the centuries-old art of the chocolatier with 21st century technology and flavours.

Our small but strong team is led by Gabriel Purdey — always the entrepreneur and never afraid of hard work — who started out by selling farm produce and flowers at the roadside and then began importing products from the Far East and selling them online, at car boot sales and market stalls around the south west of England. At 19 years old, true to the Discover spirit, Gabriel passed up the place he'd secured at university and along with it a safe academic career, and instead took the risk of going into business full-time. His burning desire has always been to create and sell something that was completely new and wholly designed by himself and those around him.

Gabriel and the team firmly believe that Discover has the edge because this modern company has no 100 year history to hold it back. What we may lack in the resources of our big rivals we make up for in our creative and innovative ideas. We will take risks, we will take on your ideas and we will have fun doing it!