Kakaw powder

Kakaw Powder

Powder with Power!

It's back to basics with our delicious, nutritious Kakaw (Cocoa) Powder! Take it and bake with it, sprinkle it, drink it, and add it to desserts and puddings for a DIY chocolate fix. You can even add a pinch to savoury dishes as a flavour enhancer! This versatile foodstuff is good for you too, as Kakaw is naturally low in sugar, cholesterol free and high in fibre. Discover a host of Kakaw’s other beneficial properties here.

We source our Kakaw Powder from a grower in Brazil who uses a natural, eco-friendly process to deliver this high quality product. Discover more about the methods used in its production here.

Do yourself a power of good — get going with100g of Discover Kakaw Powder!

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