Cupuacu powder

Cupuaçu powder

Discover Cocoa's Cousin — Cupuaçu!

This close relative of cocoa has a distinctive pungent chocolate flavour all of its own, and you can put it to just as many confectionery and culinary uses.  Cupuaçu also has all the health benefits of cocoa but contains much less caffeine than its relation.  So if low caffeine is for you, so is Cupuaçu!  You can Discover more here.

Our Cupuaçu Powder is imported directly into the UK and comes from the same trusted Brazilian farm that supplies our top quality cocoa.  Discover how Cupuaçu Powder is produced for us here.

Meanwhile, make your acquaintance with the rest of the family — get familiar with 100g of Cupuaçu!

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