11th July 2015

Production methods used in making our Cocoa and Cupuacu Powder.

Discover’s cocoa and cupuaçu powders come from a farm in the Tropical Cocoa Belt of South Bahia, a prime cocoa growing region in Brazil. We were careful to choose a producer who employs sound environmentally friendly and socially responsible methods and who, moreover, carries out every stage of production from planting to packaging.
Our farmer plants and cultivates his cacao and cupuaçu trees under the tropical rainforest canopy in accordance with a traditional and harmonious organic agricultural system called cabruca. The sustainability of this system is such that some cabruca grown trees are over 200 years old and still bearing fruit. The cocoa and cupuaçu pods are harvested and the seeds removed by hand to be ‘sweated’ in the pulp, which naturally ferments, liquifies and is then drained away. The correct and uninterrupted duration of this delicate process is crucial to moderating the inherently strong bitterness of the seeds and elevating the overall quality of the finished product.
The wet seeds or beans are then fermented and sun-dried under a ventilated protective film. This procedure contrasts with the artificial drying processes using smoke or oil commonly employed by cocoa growers, which not only impact on the environment but can also taint the flavour of the beans.
Once dried, the beans are slowly roasted in rotating ovens until their moisture content is optimised at 1.5%, before being cracked into nibs to remove skins, fibrous material and cotyledons (the seeds’ germinative component), which are detrimental to both texture and flavour. The nibs are then pressed to remove some of their cocoa / cupuaçu butter content, and the resultant crumbly, fat reduced mass is finally milled into a fine powder.
At no stage in the production of this 100% natural cocoa and cupuaçu powder does our farmer use chemicals of any kind, and his ingredients and propagation methods are all organic in origin.


I just discovered your site today and I am in love. I am impressed with the care and attention put into making both cocoa and cupuacu powder. Keep up the good work. I will be recommending your products to both family and friends. 

Yours sincerely.